According to the House of Representatives on Monday, they approved the final measure to renew the Mislatel consortium’s gran for 25 more years. The company was rebranded as DITO and they have a very high chance of increasing their exposure in the country and bringing in even more success and tremendous value to customers all over the country.

The bill got 7 negative votes and 240 affirmative ones, without any absentees. The thing to note here is that the house bill 7332 is offering a 25 year franchise application for DITO. They are now the third larges telecom player in the country, and their focus is on expanding their reach and also improving the way they operate and how everything is installed in an adequate manner.

Thanks to the bill, the DITO company is able to establish towers, operate everything and expand its wired and wireless telecom systems. This is great for everyone in the country, and it will continue to stand out more than you imagine. The company has invested quite a lot of money, so having them as the third telecom business is not exactly unheard of. It really goes to show that yes, the potential is there and they do have a lot of power in this field. We hope that they will continue to expand in a great manner, and the results can be great if they do everything correctly and in an appropriate manner.

However, the bill does have some limitations. They prohibit DITO to assign, transfer or lease the franchise without Congress approval. Granted, DITO will not do that, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are a few slight limitations here, so there’s definitely something to keep in mind. DITO will also need to conform to the right ethics and ensure that the stations are operating properly and they stay in accordance with the Free Mobile Disaster Alerts Act. This is incredibly important, especially during this time.

Having DITO as the third major telco provider in the Philippines is huge, and it’s a clear sign that the major players need to take notice as fast as possible. The company is combining China Telecom, Udenna Corp, Holdings Corp and many others. The status of the new player is indeed going to expand more than you might imagine.

Mislatel’s franchise was a bit questionable during the late 90s, but things did change here, and that’s why we must address this in a proper manner and with the right systems. It’s definitely a very important aspect to consider right now, but if it’s done correctly, the results can be very impressive for the long term. It’s a great commitment from the business for sure, if everything is tackled at the right level, it will definitely bring in front great benefits for everyone. DITO will begin its commercial operations in march 2021, and they are close to reaching that goal at this time!