According to some of the latest reports, Dito Telecommunity is going to be launched in Mach 2021. The company already did some test calls in March, which was 2 months earlier than the initial target that they had. The calls were made with 5 of the regional subdivisions and vendors in the region. This is really helpful and it manages to show the true value provided by the company. They have a very good plan when it comes to expanding, and they do have agreements for at least 1300 towers, which will increase.

If that will happen, they might bring in front a very good internet service, which will surpass many of the ones that are currently available. The value is definitely there, and the quality will only shine all the time. The pandemic did have a negative impact because some of the key infrastructure systems were delayed. But despite that, they are still on track with the March 2021 release because they were prepared beforehand for something like that. Which is what makes this service so powerful in the first place.
In order to cope with the delays, they did put in place sourced materials, but there were still some issues in meeting those commitments. They are supplied from China with telecom ancillaries, towers, base stations, DC containers and fiber cables. Even if there are limitations, you get more than 250 tower sites which are not operational.

Even if there were limitations, around 250 of the towers are functional, they have all the integrations and they are already delivering the necessary work. The pandemic hit mostly the submarine cables and domestic cables sector. Even there, they are still working hard to bring in front some good solutions, and the value can indeed work in the long run if they do it right and without any worries.

Of course, with Dito Telecommunity coming, the competition is not waiting either. They are preparing their own strategies in order to improve services and take them to the next level. This will help them handle the improved demand for connectivity. GLOBE and PLTD in particular are trying to improve to compete with them, and the results seem very promising. That being said, they are going to focus on growth and bringing in more opportunities to clients, which means Dito Telecommunity does a very good job at pushing the community to the next level, and that really works.


One thing is certain, the Dito Telecommunity solutions are very impressive, and you will be impressed with the unique features and ideas. It really helps push the boundaries, and it will certainly improve the way people communicate. The costs seem to be very affordable, and the value for money is incredible. Aside from offering great services, Dito Telecommunity is indeed going to push the competition to boost their internet connectivity services, which are less than ideal. So yes, starting with March 2021, we will have much better internet, which is always a great thing!