How to Register Sim Card (TNT, Globe, Smart, SUN, DITO, GOMO)

All subscribers are required to register all SIMs including Smart, SUN, TNT, Globe, Smart, DITO and GOMO starting December 27, 2022. Please take note that users under the age of 18 will have to register their SIM cards under the name of their parent or guardian. The rules require all [...]

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Starlink and DITO is the future of fast internet in the Philippines

The Philippines are upgrading their internet quite a bit and it continues to be one of the most interesting and powerful services you can use at this time. The nice thing about Starlink and DITO Telecom is that soon they will be the fastest internet in the country. They are [...]

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DITO will offer 5G technology in the Philippines

DITO is a powerful telecom challenger, and the company is working very hard to bring in new technologies in the Philippines. The best part about all of this is that they are committing to speeds of around 27 mbps, as well as a national coverage of 37.03% for the first [...]

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NTC wants to change the right-of-way rules for Telco sites

Recently the National Telecommunications Commission started to talk with the Department of Public Works and Highways. They wanted to change some of the current rules regarding the right-of-way, with the idea of making it easy for telecom businesses to create their cell sites faster. The two departments have started connecting [...]

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Why Philippines Should Invest in Broadband

Fast internet speeds have become pivotal all over the world. We need to do everything in our power in order to invest in fast, dependable internet speeds, and once we do that the results can be staggering all the time. That’s especially true for a country like the Philippines. Other [...]

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The government is offering a 25-year franchise for PH’s 3rd telco player DITO

According to the House of Representatives on Monday, they approved the final measure to renew the Mislatel consortium’s gran for 25 more years. The company was rebranded as DITO and they have a very high chance of increasing their exposure in the country and bringing in even more success and [...]

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