DITO is preparing to take the telecom world by storm in the entire country, and they are working hard to deliver a great mobile network rollout in the entire country. However, they know they just can’t do this on their own, so they are working closely with the Udenna Infrastructure Corp in order to deliver the rollout as fast as possible and meet the imposed March 2021 deadline.

UIC is handling the job of creating their tower network. They also deploy the fiber optic cabling too, so UIC is indeed in charge of many of their solutions for the time being. It’s an important aspect they are trying to focus on, and the potential is definitely there, which is exactly what matters in a situation like this.

DITO is trying very hard with UIC and Futurenet in order to deliver the 1500 telco towers and more than 1400 km of fiber optic cables during the next 48 months. It’s a massive undertaking for a new business, but the potential is there, and that alone might be the thing that makes a huge difference in a situation like this.

The company is spending no less than $3.1 billion in the first year for the network setup, and they are going to invest $5.3 billion to get an 84% national coverage in the next 5 years. It sounds great, and the company itself does have all the backing that it needs. It can be a very rewarding and powerful result, one that has the potential to disrupt the current telco duopoly in the country. DITO automatically enters as the third on the list, and it obviously wants to go up to the top. They might have some challenges reaching that point, but the potential is there and that’s the thing that really pushes the boundaries here.

Aside from that, DITO also wants to roll out their own 5G network in the next few years. That alone can be well worth the effort, and it all comes down to bringing in the right amount of value and incredible results. It’s definitely a worthwhile approach and it will certainly push the boundaries in a stellar manner. The company will end up bringing in even higher speeds and a vast range of other benefits. So it sounds great, and they have the potential to do amazing things in the next few years once they launch successfully in March 2021!