DITO Telecom is a telecom company from the Philippines that provides information technology and multimedia services. The company itself is a consortium and also a subsidiary for the Chelsea Logistics Corporation. The business managed to become the sole winner for a government sanctioned bidding. That made them the third main telecom provider in the country.

The company was started back in 1998, although at that time it was named Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company. In 2018, they were one of the businesses that joined the government bidding so they can become the third main provider of telecom services in the country. That’s why they had to become a joint consortium between Udenna Corporation and China Telecommunications Corporation. They managed to beat PT&T and Sear Telecom in their bidding. The transfer of ownership from Mislatel to the House of Representative consortium, and they were allowed to operate.

Right after that, the company was renamed as Dito Tellecommunity in July 9 2019. The main focus here was to rebrand and use the Filipino word here, which was to bring in the best services locally and at the highest possible level. They also received the Certificate of Public Convenience and necessity right around the rebranding process took place.

At the beginning of September 2019, the company started building its 8-hectare lot within Clark Global City. The focus for them was to hold the server call and regional centers, network operations center and operational departments as well. It would also be the primary research hub, bringing in comprehensive solutions and high tier results.

The next month, the company signed deals with LCS group and Sky Cable Corporation., The idea here was to lease the telco tower that LCS already has in some of the areas. The Sky Cable deal would allow DITO Telecommunity to use the Metro Manilla cables that the owners were not using at that time.

At this time, the company strives to start its commercial operations until March 2021. They want to cover 37 of the country in the beginning with 1600 towers, and their technical operations will already initiated a little earlier this month. They will start with 4G LTE technology, which will then move to full 5G in 2021.

The pandemic did bring in some challenges when it comes to growing their exposure, but DITO Telecom managed to stay on track, so there are no changes to think about at this time. That alone makes DITO Telecom a very comprehensive, professional system that will help bring in even better value for the customers in the Philippines.

One thing is certain, these solutions are very powerful and they really impress when it comes to scope and the incredible value. They do stand out of the crowd, and it’s easy to see just how powerful the company really is. We are sure that they will bring in even better and higher quality results in the long term, but the start is already pushing the other companies to improve their services. In the end, it’s the users that are winning, and that’s always a good thing!

DITO Official website: https://dito.ph/