DITO is now working closely with the Udenna Infrastructure Corporation in order to perform its mobile rollout all over the country. The main focus for them is to ensure that they are offering the best telecom services to customers in this entire region. Doing that is very important and it will bring in front powerful benefits and great results.

UIC is said that will receive the job of constructing the tower network and they will also handle the fiber optic cabling too. UIC has a lot of experience in this field, as they are a part of Udenna and they do have all the tools and features needed to really take things to the next level in a powerful manner.

Apparently, DITO, UIC and FutureNet have agreed to create 1500 telco towers and also lay over around 1400km of fiber optic cables. This will not happen right away, it will be a rollout over the next 2 years. DITO has already agreed to a deadline of March 2021 in the country, and they are focused on investing around $3.1 billion in its first year to properly set up its network and bring in the utmost advantage in the industry.

They will also have a $5.3 billion investment in order to acquire an 84% coverage in the entire country. The company is trying to implement a 5G service in the next few years. That means they will have speeds up to 10 times higher than what we are getting at this particular time. DITO focuses on growing and expanding, while trying to push the boundaries as much as possible and provide customers the best possible results.

The competitors are taking notice and they clearly see what the company is doing. So they are working hard to capitalize and see how to eliminate concerns and really focus on success. Doing that can really help and it will bring in front a competition that will leave the users winning at all times.

Will DITO be able to capitalize on this momentum and reach the success they want? Only time will tell, but the potential is definitely there, and all we have to do is to wait and see them results that will appear. It’s definitely a promising approach and the first time when the 2 main telecom players were in danger and actually had to do something to retain their supremacy.