Dito Telecom was supposed to have a major rollout earlier this year, however that’s understandable considering the pandemic and economic factors. They are however on track to launch in march 2021, and the possibilities brought by the company are nothing short of staggering. They already created 859 towers at the middle of September, and they want to finalize 2000 until the end of the year. The focus here is to bring in great telecom solutions and disrupt the telecom duopoly in the country right now.

Dennis Uy owns 60% of the company, with China Telecom governing the remaining 40%. The great thing about them is that they are ready to enter the market with a great swing. They were chosen by the government and the company is working really hard to bring in the best rollout that they can at this time. It’s definitely not something easy to do, but it will be worth the effort if everything is done in an appropriate manner.

The company is receiving a lot of press and support at this time, and it will bring in front plenty of great results. They are deploying 1500 towers and 1400 km of fiber over the next 2 years, so they are already planning for the future with a really important approach. They do want to focus on results and on bringing in the utmost value and results that they can get in a situation like this.

Dito works really hard to invest $5.1 billion for the next 5 years and ensure that the rollout will be a very good one. If they are falling short, they will use the 257 billion performance bond offered by the government and the overall spectrum, which can be a bit of a challenge.

The company signed up Fortinet for the network security and they are getting quite the stock performance at this time. They are receiving a lot of positive outcomes from the entire country, and they do have the potential to achieve success. Going against companies that are already established in the field is tough, but they do want to have 30% of the market in the next few years. The possibility for them to achieve that is great, and they just need to work hard to bring those numbers up. But it’s easy to see the potential and success they can accrue here.