Recently the National Telecommunications Commission started to talk with the Department of Public Works and Highways. They wanted to change some of the current rules regarding the right-of-way, with the idea of making it easy for telecom businesses to create their cell sites faster. The two departments have started connecting with one another recently with the idea of bringing in faster internet speeds and making it a lot easier to push new cell sites quicker.

The internet speed has been quite the issue recently, especially for Rodrigo Duterte which is one of the experts from DPWH. As a result, they are working very hard to bring the right vision and ideas to life in a proper manner. The potential is definitely huge, and all they have to do is to bring in the utmost attention and investments to really push the experience to new heights. One thing to note here is that the internet usage surged during the pandemic.

Because of that, the two departments started to realize that allowing telecom companies to expand faster is pretty much mandatory. The right of way issues are normally the major delayer for these companies, so you really have to assess the situation and clearly figure out what is happening and how you can eliminate the concerns to really deliver an astounding array of benefits if it’s done correctly.

Those right of way issues are now prohibiting posts for the mobile service providers and phones over the national roads. This is an obvious problem, and you must address it in a proper manner. It’s a factor that leads to slow internet speeds, and it must be dealt with as quickly as possible to deliver the best possible experience and results every time.

Due to the pandemic and more specifically the lockdowns during the pandemic, the internet speed took a massive hit. Most people stayed online, many of them had to work from home too. As a result, it was pretty hard to access the desired results when it was so challenging to even work from home and obtain the best experience. It can still be improved, but the payoff can be very good if everything is managed properly. Which will happen sooner rather than later.

Telcos are a main point for Duterte, saying that some telcos can face expropriation or the government might control them in the end. That can happen if the overall speeds are not improved properly. So it’s more important than ever to ensure that the speeds are improved adequately and everyone gets to win here.

It can take a little bit for the right of way to be removed, but it will happen sooner rather than later. By implementing the right approach, you will have amazing results and the value itself can be staggering. Removing issues like this will only make it better for the country and residents are the ones who benefit. Faster internet speeds can grow businesses and bring in great success!