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Welcome to DITO Fibr Plans. Here we will list all the DITO internet plans, news and updates. DITO, Philippines’ 3rd Telco player may offer a starting price of P799 for 30 Mbps internet speed which is way more cheaper and faster than the 2 leading Telcos, Globe and PLDT. They are planning to launch commercially next year, March 2021. DITO will surely challenge the 2 current BIG Telcos, Globe and PLDT with its promising high speed internet connection.

These internet speeds below does not guarantee 100% stability and may experience an actual slower speed. DITO is preparing all technical issues before its launch, where the national government will audit its entire infrastructure to make sure if the 3rd Telco will be able to hit its commitment for the service of the Filipino people.

Note: DitoFibrPlans.com.com is NOT AFFILIATED with DITO Telecommunity. This is a blog website for regular DITO news and updates.

China Telecom pricing and plans below. There is no guarantee that DITO Telecom will offer the same price.
Source: https://manilashaker.com/dito-internet-fiber-speed-plan-price-ph-china-globe-pldt/

30 Mbps

  • Fibr Optic
  • Free Landline included

50 Mbps

  • Fibr Optic
  • Free Landline included

200 Mbps

  • Fibr Optic
  • Free Landline included

Latest News and Updates

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NTC wants to change the right-of-way rules for Telco sites

Recently the National Telecommunications Commission started to talk with the Department of Public Works and Highways. They wanted to change some of the current rules regarding the right-of-way, with the idea of making it easy for telecom businesses to create [...]

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